Reports & Analysis

Reports and analysis features

Providing a complete set of absence reporting and analysis tools

With Activ Absence reporting and analysis tools, you can unlock the potential of employee absence data, providing immediate insights from system generated information table and lists to informative graphics based reports. Activ Absence has many pre-configured reports, or you can build your own, giving you the ability to visualise absence trends within divisions, departments, teams or individuals.

Secure multi-level data access

The configurable security model enables you to allow Line Managers to benefit from absence data at their fingertips in order to support their business decisions. Safe in the knowledge that the Activ Absence robust and scalable approach to data security ensures they only see the employee records and data that they’ve been given permission to see.

Instant access to real-time absence data

The easy to use reporting selection criteria make it easy to analyse the HR data you need. There are pre-configured search filters to save you time in selecting the commonly used reports your business requires to make informed decisions around leave and absence.

The Absence Headline Report provides senior management with a snapshot of the company absence levels by number of days, total cost & percentage for the situation today, last month and over a rolling 12 month summary.

Collate and filter absence data

A real strength of Activ Absence is its powerful data collation functionality, which provides enormous flexibility to slice and dice absence information to get exactly the analysis that you need. With the ever increasing demand to analyse data more effectively to enable successful workforce management senior management and HR professionals have the ability to analyse the data utilizing a wide range of selection criteria through an easy to use interface.

Since business intelligence is embedded in Activ Absence, employee absence data is always up to date, always consistent and, most important of all, always respects the configured security roles, therefore access to sensitive data is controlled.

Line Managers can access their own reports and you can be confident that they’ll only see the information that HR has given them permission to view.

Option to export to Microsoft Excel

View the comprehensive online reports or export all the leave and sickness absence data (security controlled) at any time from Activ Absence Control in CSV format. Use Microsoft Excel to analyse the data in a familiar way to produce the reports you need to present to your management.

Activ Absence – providing information you need on demand to manage absence.


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Activ Absence is a complete absence management software solution that can be configured to reflect the specific ways of working, culture and policies of your organisation.

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