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Activ Appraisals Introduction

Helping your organisation to manage staff appraisals more effectively

It is essential to maintain an employees’ focus and motivation in the workforce today if they are to make a full and positive contribution to your business.

Activ Appraisals is a complementary solution to Activ Absence and can be deployed in your organisation to actively involve employees in understanding what is expected of them. By setting agreed objectives and later reviewing the results the software enables each employee to be responsible for his or her own performance.

Activ Appraisals is a very flexible solution that could be easily customised to our requirements with a well documented process. The simple, easy to use interface really helped us to automate our very manual paper based process and the fact that all appraisals are held in one place on a secure server is really convenient. The comprehensive reporting capability means we can create management information  around the performance management process like never before“.

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Why Activ Appraisals?

Activ Appraisals is an online software solution that is quick and easy to use with the flexibility to manage your appraisal process the way that best suits your organisation.

Key Features

Competency Libraries

Activ Appraisals enables you to define your own competency libraries as you may want to configure a number of different libraries. For example, libraries can be setup at different levels such as Directors or Middle Managers. Each competency can be setup with a description and then a number of statements or questions that underpin the definition.

Define what the library is called and give it a description then you can add as many different competencies as you like.

Self Assessment Questionnaires

Activ Appraisals enables you to build your bespoke questionnaire and schedule to let the employee know well in advance of when the performance appraisal will be.  When you have defined the competencies, you are ready to start building the questionnaire. The questionnaire can be designed by yourself or you can use one of the predefined questionnaires already built in the system.

You can easily distribute the self-assessment questionnaire to the employees individually or across the department in order to complete as part of the preparation process.

Activ Appraisals gives you total flexibility in configuring specific questionnaires for different levels and types of employee. A brief example of the types of questions that could be asked is as follows:

  • How well have you performed since your last review?
  • How would you rate your own skills?
  • Are you a team worker?
  • How is your attitude to work?
  • What do you think your key objectives for the next six months should be?

Manager’s Preparation

Activ Appraisals can support the Managers preparation for planning the appraisal meeting with the employee. The Manager is provided with the relevant information in order to assist with their preparation:

  • Employee’s completed self-assessment questionnaire for review.
  • Ability to identify the important issues and focus the appraisal on them.
  • Review the appraisal report which was written following the previous appraisal (historical appraisals can be imported, if required).
  • Identify which objectives have and have not been achieved.
  • Plan their objectives for the employee appraisal.
  • Deal with any recent one-off problems that have been reported before the appraisal.

Appraisal Meetings

Record the appraisals meeting within Activ Appraisals and document what the employee and manager discussed.

Setting Key Objectives

As the whole appraisal cycle is built around setting, reviewing and then re-setting key objectives, Activ Appraisals supports you every step of the way.

Most organisations define that each objective should be SMART – specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-limited. Where each objective must be in an area over which the employee has control and each objective has a deadline.

Activ Appraisals can be configured to help with deadlines by using in-built trigger alerts to inform the employee, line manager and HR of the deadlines agreed. Further cutting down on the time spent for the administration process of making appraisals a success.

Following Up

Immediately after the appraisal meeting, the manager can easily write up the appraisal report to summarise what was discussed and agreed. Activ Appraisals can then easily distribute the report to the relevant parties to review and feedback.

How does it work?

Activ Appraisals is accessible through a cost effective annual Software as a Service (SaaS) contract. What that means to you is that we take away the headache of data security, confidentiality & system updates.

The solution can be set-up rapidly to your business requirement with no software to download or install and accessible securely via username and password.

Manage your appraisal configurations with a simple to use and  user friendly administration interface that allows you to manage questionnaires, monitor progress and review reports.

Activ Absence is a complete absence management software solution that can be configured to reflect the specific ways of working, culture and policies of your organisation.

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