Absence management

Absence management

Use the latest online absence management tools to reduce costs.

Current 2013 research from the CIPD reports that in the UK alone, absenteeism costs organisations an average of £595 per employee per year. Typically organisations don’t have the data capture tools in place to understand the direct and indirect costs of absence.

Provide a highly visible absence management environment.

Activ Absence provides you with a dedicated absence management solution that enables you to record, manage and monitor the causes and effects of employee absence across your organisation. You’ll find it much easier to track absences across your business, as well as focus on one of the most important HR issues – reducing the cost.

Key absence management features

  • Centralised absence management
    A central system for consistent data collection and recording all forms of sickness absence across the business.
  • Employee self-certification
    Enable employee to complete a standard self-certification form when they return to work that is then approved by their line manager.
  • Return to work form
    Return to work interviews are consistant and provide the line manager with the employees absence history together with an analysis of the data identifying the Bradford Factor with any trends.
  • Trigger point email notifications
    Monitor leave or absence conditions easily (e.g. 3 episodes of absence in 3 months) through trigger alerts immediatley when those conditions are met.
  • Document attachments
    Attach a Doctors ‘Fit for Work’ form provided to HR on return to work.
  • Integrate your absence policies
    To provide a consistent and automated return to work process with a standard online company form. 
  • Provide line managers with employee reports on demand
    Line manger can see the history and trends for the individual employee as part of the return to work process.
  • Sickness types
    Record specific sickness types and trigger email alert notifications to the appropriate people on certain types of absence (e.g. accident at work, stress etc).
  • Integrated Bradford Factor calculator
    Automatically calculate the Bradford Factor and notify managers / HR when a defined score is reached.
  • Absence analysis
    Provide analysis of cause and effects  absence with data organised by days of the week, days lost, absence types, length, cost, period to the business and absence percentage.
  • Data exports
    Ability to export employee absence data from the system in order to provide accurate information for use by payroll.


Replacing paper and spreadsheet based systems

Activ Absence can be used to either replace paper or spreadsheet based systems or to add much needed absence analysis capabilities to existing HR administration systems.

Activ Absence provides centralised absence data on-line 24/7, providing management and HR with accurate up to date absence records that can be used for reports analysis and staff scheduling.

Activ Absence streamlines the administration of unauthorised absence because it automates many of the administrative tasks associated with recording, accessing and processing individual absence cases, significantly reducing errors and system abuse.

Real time absence analysis

Activ Absence provides your organisation with dedicated absence management dashboards and powerful reporting that enables you review a wide range of absence related data. You’ll find it much easier to report absences across your business, as well as manage the return to work process consistently in order for your management to focus in on the most important issues.

Absence data is immediately available in order for you to identify employee absence trends across individual teams, departments, single or multiple locations. Line Managers are then able to make better informed business decisions, and take a more proactive approach to absence management. 

Manage absence on an individual basis

Stay on top of sickness absence with a click of a mouse to access employee absence data and pre-built reports that will enable Managers and HR to be able to make better informed decisions, and take a more proactive approach to absence management.

By using Activ Absence management software to manage employee absences, not only do you reduce your administrative overheads and improve reporting but you deliver a more transparent and equitable environment that encourages a focus on doing the right thing for the business – and the right thing for your employees every time.

Stay on top of sickness absence with a click of a mouse to access employee absence data and prebuilt reports that will enable Managers and HR to be able to make better informed decisions, and take a more proactive approach to absence management.

Identifying absence cause and effect

Activ Absence management software gives you the ability to measure the extent of absence in your business. This insight is an essential part of absence management today helping to reduce the cost of staff absence and sickness. Traditional methods of staff leave and absence management such as paper forms, emails, and spread sheets, can be time consuming and inaccurate, by comparison absence management software saves time and accurately records absence levels giving organization the tools to identify and manage absence.


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Activ Absence is a complete absence management software solution that can be configured to reflect the specific ways of working, culture and policies of your organisation.

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