Reduce staff absence

Top tips to reduce absenteeism

Prevention is better than cure

Invest in your employees and encourage a happy and healthy working environment where all employees feel valued by the business and their colleagues.

Record all staff absence

In order to assess if you have an absence problem you must be able to monitor and measure it. The simple act of recording absence has shown to reduce absenteeism.

Introduce a return to work process

Take time to understand the employee’s situation and possible causes of absenteeism. Remember that reasons for absence are not always as clear cut as they may initially appear.

Be proactive, reward attendance

Many organisations effectively use perfect attendance bonuses or set targets as an incentive to reduce absence levels.

Remove return to work barriers

Inflexible working hours for working parents or difficult building access when an employee has mobility issues.

Seek professional guidance

When dealing with an absence problem seek professional HR and occupational health guidance and document everything.

Analyse and act on absence

Use the Bradford Factor for impartial identification of absenteeism. Assess the impact on the business and have the evidence to act.

Today taking control of absenteeism is a key business priority

There’s no excuse not to be in control of absence. Activ Absence enables you to record, control and monitor absence levels and trends. The cost savings and productivity improvements make such a solution pay for its self over and over again.


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Activ Absence is a complete absence management software solution that can be configured to reflect the specific ways of working, culture and policies of your organisation.

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