Self Service Benefits

Self service benefits

Delivering measurable efficiencies across the organisation.

Our absence management software is a completely web based service that can be deployed across the whole organisation. It ensures best practice by automating and enforcing your absence policies. Online self-service enables all employees within your organisation  to interact with Activ Absence Control through any web browser or via any internet enabled device such as a  smartphone or tablet, wherever they are.

Self-service today

Activ Absence provides a simple and easy to use online self-service environment that streamlines the absence management process.  Employee self-service also raises the visibility of absence within your organisation creating a soft deterrent to unnecessary absenteeism, with integrated features such as the Bradford Factor system that displays in the calendar view of the individual staff self-service interface.

  Employee self-service

Empower your employees with online self-service. With instant access to their personal calendar, they can request leave, view their absence record, complete self-certification forms, and keep an eye on their Bradford Factor.

    HR Self-service

It’s easy to think of Self Service being an employee related feature but in Activ Absence it can also benefit the HR process too, by providing detailed analyse and reporting tools. It can also provide on demand exports to provide data for payroll.

   Manager Self-service

Activ Absence provides managers with the tools and personnel information they need to make informed decisions quickly and easily. It presents the information to the managers when they need it.

Authorise leave requests, report sickness, completing return to work forms and file medical notes. All these typically paper based administrative tasks currently create a lot of administration work which self service can eliminate straight away.

    Multi Role Self-service

The focus is often on employees and line managers when we talk about self service, after all they will use the system to interact with HR.

However, they are unlikely to have just one role in your organisation.

Activ Absence allows multi level access  depending on the roles an individual staff member has with an organisation.


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Activ Absence is a complete absence management software solution that can be configured to reflect the specific ways of working, culture and policies of your organisation.

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